ARUBA, The Mobile Edge Company, delivers an enterprise mobility solution that enables secure access to data, voice and video applications across wireless and wired enterprise networks. Our solution, the Aruba Mobile Edge Architecture allows end-users to seamlessly roam to different locations within an enterprise campus or office building while maintaining secure and consistent access to all of their network resources.

To date, enterprises have responded to the increasing demands for mobility by deploying wireless LANs (WLANs), enabling open access on wired network ports and/or providing Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, but all have significant limitations, risks and/or costs. As a result, significant demand exists for a user-centric enterprise mobility solution that integrates security with mobility, is easy to deploy and scale, and is based on an architecture that delivers improved application performance with the ability to support new services.


 Secure mobility - Our architecture integrates user-based security and mobility in a single solution enabling secure roaming across an extended enterprise network;

 Improved application performance in mobile environments - Our architecture is user-centric and application-aware, which improves the performance of applications delivered in a mobile enterprise environment;

 Ease of deployment and integration - We have designed our architecture as a non-disruptive overlay to existing enterprise networks, allowing quick deployment and preserving existing infrastructure investments;

 Cost-effective scalability - Our architecture is designed to provide industry-leading scalability and supports up to 100,000 concurrent users from a centralized point of control; and

 Flexible platform for emerging mobile applications - Our architecture is designed to enable the rapid introduction and support of new applications such as mobile Voice over IP (VoIP), Enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence (E-FMC), location-based services and other mobile enterprise applications.

Our ARUBA solutions have been successfully implemented for some of our biggest customers such as General Dynamics and Aramco, with sales deals exceeding $2,400,000.00 USD. It has been a great success and proved to be the solution of choice that CellCone is proud to offer for our customers’ cost effective flexibility and high productivity.