Extreme Networks.

Extreme Networks is responsible for many innovations in the networking industry. One measure of its success is that these innovations have been embraced by enterprise IT managers and service providers.

CellCone is proud to partner with Extreme Networks who is among one of the first companies to:

● Introduce Gigabit Ethernet products that were tested at full wire-speed with zero packet loss;

● Offer patented Quality of Service (QoS) capability on IP/Ethernet networks ;

● Deliver carrier-class Ethernet for metro area networks;

● Offer patented network level resiliency protocols for IP/Ethernet networks;

● Deliver a unified solution that allows wired and wireless devices, applications and equipment to share the same infrastructure and management tools;

● Deliver a truly modular switching operating system for enterprises and metro service providers;

● Introduce a voice-class modular switch for the network edge;

CellCone is proud to announce its qualification for a $5,000,000.00 USD project for Aramco. This project will use Extreme Networks’ state of the art switches to deliver a robust, reliable, and expendable network for the ever oil giant, Aramco.