Our After-Sales Support

Presenting one face to the customer for CellCone’s full product portfolio - and establishing our customer service and support offering in the field – is fundamental to delivering on our commitment to our customers for the highest quality after-sales support.

In this context, CellCone has a quality focused Customer Service and Operations function in order to establish a reputable presence for the after-sale support. Thus, at CellCone, we bring together all of our expertise in this area to facilitate knowledge-sharing of our products and solutions, enhance the service to our customers, and realize efficiency benefits.

CellCone’s Customer Service and Operations function works closely with the Product Managers in order to deliver satisfactory offerings in terms of Pricing, and Operational & Support Models for the after-sales Service Management which helps strengthen our position with our customers.

Next to the main functions of the CS&O such as; Service Management, Contract Management, etc… and in order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the following two functions are in place for CellCone to succeed in the ever challenging market:
 Customer Service Process and Tools
This ensures that our Customer Service teams will be supported by an efficient set of Integrated Systems and Processes. The focus is given to providing maximum customer self-service. The team defines the various Service Desk processes that are either developed or procured as per the industry standards.

 Service Desk Operations

This function runs the customer facing Level 1 Service Desk as well as various common operational activities that are embedded into the Service Desk. This team develops a common Service Desk support process that is able to interface with partners’ and other 3rd parties’ Service Desks.